I just want to let one thing straight: the following poems had been written with intention to try to better understand this world where we live, and in particular the society where I am inserted. Some poems are not more than mere reflections, relieves and my personal opinion on determined subjects.

Others, however, are an attempt to understand the points of view of those that, by the peculiarity of their ideas are considered different, and consequently, moved away from our society.

It is sad, but true. In this society the right to difference is systematically denied, being faced as a defect. Exactly those that consider themselves open minded and receptive to new ideas and trends, have their own preconceptions (even that unconsciously) in relation to determined subjects. Even myself, that criticise these preconceptions, also have them, since I want it or not, I am inserted in this society.

Thus, one of the various objectives of these poems is try to eliminate these preconceptions, becoming more tolerant and a more comprehensive person.

The majority of the following poems are very personal, however, being a member of this society, there is a strong possibility of certain people review themselves in certain described situations.

Thus, I wait that when you read these poems, do not try to analyse my perspective, but to develop a proper opinion, concerning the idea transmitted by each one of them.