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Bad player


I'm a bad player

When love is a game

I've lost again

It's always the same


I tried...

God knows I tried...



But how can I win

If I don't know how to play?

But how can I listen

If I don't know what to say?

And how can I receive

If I don't know what to give?



I tried...

God knows I tried...



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Sleeping awake (or living asleep?)



When I sleep,

My dreams are bad.

When I wake,

My life is sad.



I don't know

How should I be

Sleeping awake

I'm never free...



Chains around my heart,

Chains around my mind.

I'm looking for something

That I can't find...



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The train...



I'm alone in the station,

Nobody waited for me...

I'm waiting for the train,

Where can it be?



Finally arrives the train

That I've been waiting for

I tried to enter,

But they closed the door...



Finally I enter, finally I sit...

The train starts to walk.

But when I look,

People start to talk.



But I just don't care

What people say...

Now I can walk

I've found my way...



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Dry roses...



And I don't need your tears when I cry

And I don't need your roses when I die

The only thing I want

The only thing I need

Only you can give...



I gave you roses

But you didn't have the rain

I gave you fun

But you only gave me pain

You were my sun

But you make my roses dry

You were my love

But you only make me cry...




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Last dance

You can see the crowd:

Everybody wants some fun...

The music is loud,

And the concert has begun...


He is a rocker,

He likes to roll...

But when pushed,

He's going to fall...



He falls into the ground,

Without knowing why...

Stepped by everybody,

He's going to die...


The only thing he had

Was a last dance...

When he tried to live

He had no chance.


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Days of glory (Nights of defeat)



Flying in a dream,

Waking up in the floor...

Now, that I can see,

I don't sleep anymore



When you hit the ground,

You can see the lies...

But life is an illusion

When you're flying in the skies...


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My life

I live my life

Just the way I do.

In the night I'm alone,

In the day I'm with you.



When I close my eyes,

You're the one I see.

So tell me what you want,

What you have for me.


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loser by nature



When I want to dream,

You want to sleep.

When they call me loser,

You call me creep.



Nothing new, nothing different.

It's just another night...

Some move to the left,

I move to the right.



Some people call me loser

That's what they say.

But how can I win

If I never play?



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Don't cry



I guess it's time

To say good-bye,

But I don't want

To hear you cry.



Think in me

And the times we had

Smile, be happy

And don't be sad.



My time has come,

I must go...

Will I return?

I just don't know.


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Lost youth


When I was young

I started asking why

Why are we here

And why do men cry...


Searching for an answer

Searching for a reason,

Feeling the desperation in the air.

Looking for some justice

In a world that seems unfair...


Laugh once more,

Cry again.

Desperated I was,

Desperated I am...




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(Lost) Sobriety



The head starts to spin

And the mind stops thinking...

I start to win

When I'm drinking.



While I'm drinking,

The fun never ends...

I feel just great

With a bottle in my hands.



After a few while,

I start to sleep...

When I try to wake,

Sober I cannot keep...





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