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Love kills...


I don't know why I'm here,

I don't know what to do.

My greatest fear,

Is losing you...


But, yesterday

All my life faded away

When you said to me

That you didn't love me


My life is over.

I cannot believe...

I will buy a revolver

And this world I will leave.


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No feelings


There's a storm in my head

I can't thin   k right

I feel I'm going mad

I just wanna fight



I see the blood of my friends

All over the place...

There's blood in my hands,

There's blood in my face...


I can't show my feelings,

I have no will.

Destroying buildings,

I have to kill...


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Hey baby...


Looking at you,

I see tears in your face

Looking at your heart

I see suffer and disgrace


Hey baby,

You don't need to lie.

I see in your face

That you need to cry



Hey baby,

Cry, but just for a while.

Because I love you

And I like to see you smile



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What for?


I have a good car,

Money, I got a few

But I'm not going very far

Because I don't have you.



When you were mine

I felt so fine

Now that you go away,

I don't know what to say...



I don't feel so good,


I don't feel so bright,

Like before...


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Wasted love...



You gave me all your love

And I reject

You, entering in my life

Was something I couldn't accept



A good time with me

That's all you get

Only a good time,

Nothing more than that...



Some fun, maybe...

But nothing more than that

I like to be free,

Don't you forget!


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Some people say I'm crazy,

I don't care about that.

They live to remember,

I live to forget...



When they look at me,

They look in my eyes...

Where they see tears,

I only see lies...



I hate everybody,

And everybody hates me.

When I kill myself,

I will finally be free...


PS-"Look on the bright side is suicide..." - Kurt Cobain


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I'm not feeling very well,

And I know the reason why...

Today I am alive

But tomorrow I will die



My time has come,

So I must go...

But where I'm going

I just don't know...



I was wrong.

I thought life never ends...

Now that I must leave you,

I say good-bye, my friends


PS- Will you miss me when I die?


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The only thing I know

Is what I feel.

And I don't know

If your love is real.



Can't see your face,

Hidden behind the mask...

Do you love me?,

It's the only thing I ask.



I you say yes,

I will fly...

If you say no,

I will cry...


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Looking at the mirror,

And what I see?

I see someone,

Who isn't me...



The body is there,

But the mind is not .

I can't remember,

I just forgot...



Searching for an answer,

I cannot find.

Trying to see,

My eyes go blind.


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(Life is an illusion and you are a bitch)


When I want to swim,

You want to flow.

When I want to stay,

You want to go.



When I speak,

You don't agree...

When I talk,

You laugh at me...


What I feel,

You don't care.

What I give,

You don't share...


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